The VisionCompass Community Arts.

Compass Community Arts runs tailored creative activities for people vulnerable to social exclusion in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Our tried and tested approach recognises that people feel most empowered when given independence, responsibility and are at the ‘giving’ end of care. We run workshops led by volunteers providing these roles without expectation of our participants. Our spaces are always safe, supportive and compassionate and provide new direction and skills in peoples lives.

Our success stories.

Chris has autism and finds it difficult to be around people.  “I attend Compass three times a week and I am surprised at how comfortable I feel. I recently joined the Compass Players (performing arts) and had a speaking part!”

Josh has challenging behaviour and its often disruptive but he has had a lot of success at Compass.  “My painting was chosen for our Christmas card and i’ve also become a certified first aider for Compass” He now works as a Marshall at the local football ground.  

Sarah has a learning disability, health issues as well as mobility and dexterity challenges.  In independent living, she was lonely and frustrated at the lack of work opportunities that came her way.  “I joined Compass as a volunteer and I support the running of our afternoon drop in’s by welcoming people, filling out paperwork and providing refreshments.” She is sensitive and attentive to everyone’s needs and through her kindness has begun to build relationships across Compass.  “You talk to me differently!  You talk to me as if I am like everyone else”.

Compass has enabled Clare to overcome agoraphobia. This is a major step forward for her. She comes with a friend who volunteer’s at Compass.  “The activities offered have enabled me to explore, creatively, the obstacles that I face in my life.” The arts and writing courses and garden project proved to be powerfully therapeutic. “I feel comfortable in the group environment that Compass provides. I can participate without feeling pressured and I appreciate the non-judgmental environment.”

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